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What Are The Things That Maid Insurance Should Include?

First thing before you take a maid insurance is that you should know what or who a maid is. A maid is that person who is responsible for taking care of the house like keeping it clean, taking out the trash etc. Many things are there for which a maid is hired, and mainly they are recruited for household purposes, but there are people who recruit maid as a helping hand in office work.

Maids are the most important for those families in whom both the parents of children are working in an office, and usually, maids are not available for full time in Singapore as they will come work and go, but if you want the full-time maid to do household and take care of your child, then you will have to avail the services of a maid who lives outside of Singapore and will probably provide you with good service as well.

If you work in a company and do not have time to do all the domestic work yourself then you can appoint a maid and also if they are appointed fulltime then you have to take a maid insurance as this insurance policy will be an insurance for anything that happens to the maid while working like they are suffering from a disease or any sudden attacks etc.

But before you just randomly apply for any maid insurance you find on the internet you have to look at the facts and also the things that they offer like heath cover, expenses cover etc. You also will have to take the signature of the maid on the policy paper as you are taking the policy for them and the amount of money received at the end of the term will be given directly to the maid, or it can be withdrawn before time if there is an emergency.

Maid Insurance Regulation In Singapore

If you have ordered the service of the maid from any other country rather than Singapore then by law, you will have to make sure that they are fully insured by you before they have finally arrived in Singapore and also you will have to complete all the paperwork and show them to the respective centre mentioned at the time when you are filling out the form to take a policy.

If you check out the price range that is offered by many different types of insurance companies, then you will find that there are many companies who are doing promotion for maid insurance because maid insurance is compulsory to have as this is a kind of insurance policy which you take so that your maid is safe and they do not have to take any extra expenses if they get injured or are met with an accident while bringing groceries.

You will see that there are many companies out there in the market which will provide you with a significant amount for the policy buy the most common amount which almost every company will give you is something around 60,000$ which is just a standard fee and will only give your health cover but if you are applying for an all-rounder insurance policy for your maid which has health insurance, expenses coverage, emergency coverage etc. Then you will have to pay more amount than the regular ones.

Also, there is the company which will provide you with critical illness insurance in which it will cover all eh expenses that are occurred from taking the maid from the home to the hospital and will also insure you in case any operation has to be done on the maid so that they can remove whatever pain or disease she is facing so the policy will provide you money for that too.

What are the things that maid insurance covers in Singapore?

Here is the list of things provided by the insurance policy.

  • Hospitalisation

Given the number of domestic helpers which are currently working in Singapore and also those who work near all the important and breakable stuff like glass you will have to insure them as if anything happens you should have money for expenses occurred.

The policy will provide coverage from hospitalization and also the expenses that occur from surgery to medical expenses.

  •  Outpatient treatment

Looking after your house can be a hazardous process for the maid as they can get burned while they are either cleaning the stove or they are cooking some food on your behalf, or they have bitten by a poisonous animal.

The policy will insure you against any expenses that occur from hospitalization to surgery to medical expenses for medicines.

  •  Personal accident

As mentioned earlier that every company should provide a personal coverage of about 60,000$ if anything happens to your maid as they have met with an accident which has either caused her death or any permanent disability so you can use the money to send them back to their home and also pay them their salary as well.

  •  Repatriation

If your helper has died to any reason, then it is best that you take a repatriation coverage so that you can cover all the expenses that occur when you are sending the body of the maid back to their respective family for proper burial program and cultural practices.

  •  Wage compensation

If you apply for a compensation policy, then the company will provide you with the money required to pay the maid daily for the wages that you pay for them on a monthly basis if they are handicapped or they are unable to work due to any valid reason.

  •  Third-party liability

If your maid is likely to go out and then destroy someone’s property not forcefully or either by mistake then you should have an insurance policy for you maid that will provide you with a third party coverage of about 5000$ in case someone’s property is damaged due to top your maid it can be either out of mistake or forcefully due to anger.

I hope you get the information you were looking for in this article.