You are currently viewing looking to stay in singapore for a long period of time?

looking to stay in singapore for a long period of time?

Do you plan on a long stay in Singapore? You do not have to worry about the stopover because you can visit Aurealis Serviced Residence, a long term serviced apartments singapore.

– Site Apartment

Do not consider the very cheap price is a priority for you. Which should be priorities one of which is a strategic location, usually a strategic location can be measured from easy access to the motorway and the alternative road, close to the regional offices, universities, public facilities such as hospitals, banks, mini, and ease of transportation from area apartment the. Consideration of the location also affect the selling price of the apartment, if you choose an apartment with cheap price but does not have a strategic location, the possibility of the deserted apartments, the price drops, and money you invest in buying an apartment would be futile.

– Environment in Region Apartment

Choose environments that can deliver comfort apartment. As the green space that includes plants growing around the apartment, a large parking area, a cosy garden for exercise or just a walk, and the view of the environment around the apartments also be considered for the comfort of view.

– Facility In Apartment

Each apartment must have different facilities. Generally, the facilities will be more expensive as well the price of apartments. This shows that the number of facilities provided apartments can lead to changes in the value of selling the apartment. Therefore if you want to invest in apartments to be resold later, choose apartments with full amenities. But you have to prioritise is their security facilities, for a comfortable stay could not live if there are no qualified security. Only after that, you can consider other facilities such as jogging track, cleaning service, swimming pool, playground, and so forth.